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We offer quality laser hair removal treatments to every part of the body. From face to toes, male or female.

The below prices are per treatment and the average hair removal course will require a minimum of 6 to 8 treatments, however, a detailed program will be given after the consultation (Facial hair may require additional treatments as a minimum).

All consultation fees will be deducted from the cost of the first treatment.

Looking for a combination package not listed below? Get in contact for a discounted price.

Consultation - £30
Consultation cost is fully redeemable against the first session, should you wish to be treated.
Face Treatments (Men & Women)Price
Upper Lip£35
Mid Eyebrows£15
Nose (Outer)£20
Neck (Front / Back)£50
Neck (Front & Back)£70
Lower Jawline / Side Burns£45
Full Beard£50
Beard Shaping / Hair Line£40
Full Face (Lip, Chin, Jawline, Mid Eyebrow)£70
Full Face inc. Neck (Front)£80
Full Face inc. Neck (Front & Back)£90
Upper Lip & Chin£65
Upper Lip, Chin & Neck£75
Small Areas (men & women)Price
Navel Line / Snail Trail£35
Around Areolas£20
Hands & Fingers£30
Feet & Toes£30
Upper Body (men & women)Price
Under Arms£50
Forearms (Half Arms)£70
Full Arms£90
Full Back£120
Full Torso (Stomach & Chest)£120
Half Torso (Stomach or Chest)£90
Full Back & Full Torso£200
Lower Body (men & women)Price
Bikini Line£60
Hollywood+ (inc. Perianal)£90
Hollywood++ (inc. Perianal & Bum Cheeks)£100
Bum Cheeks£60
Bum Cheeks inc. Perianal£65
Groin & Scrotum£70
Groin, Scrotum & Perianal£80
Groin, Scrotum, Perianal & Bum Cheeks£100
Groin & Bum Cheeks£80
Groin, Bum Cheeks & Perianal£90
Half Legs (Below or Above Knee)£90
Full Legs£120
Full Legs+ (inc. Bum Cheeks)£140
Full Legs++ (inc. Bum Cheeks & Perianal)£150

*The above prices are for our Bristol and Gloucestershire clients only.

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